About Julie

Dr. Julie Melowsky Griffin

Dr. Griffin earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver in 2017, and opened Dynamic Reflections Psychology after earning her license in 2019. She has had seven years of clinical experience working with various populations and has become certified as a family mediator, discernment counselor, and canine assisted therapist. Dr. Griffin uses an integrative psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy in order to help clients better understand themselves within their life context. She specializes in healing relationships, including the one that clients form with themselves, which tend to impact their view of themself and influence patterns of interaction with others. Additionally, Dr. Griffin has specialized training in how to incorporate a Therapy Dog into the therapeutic space. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) has been shown to reduce cortisol, blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety, and physical pain, as well as to increase focus, relaxation, motivation, oxytocin, cardiovascular health, and encourage communication, bonding, and comfort. A therapy animal can be a vital part of a treatment team, help to facilitate growth for the client in many ways, and can improve treatment outcomes. Thus, clients who work with Dr. Griffin get an added benefit of creating a healing relationship with her dog “Lexi Waffles.”

Mission statement

I enjoy working with people who would like to understand themselves in a deeper way, heal wounds created by past or present relationships, and develop assertive communication to get their needs met more effectively.


In a busy, quick-fix culture often fixated on perfection, I seek to provide clients with a safe space to slow down, reflect on personal beliefs / values, and work through all the emotions that make us human. Engaging in this process can provide short-term symptom relief while delving into longer-term healing. I can support clients in recognizing repeated behavioral patterns that were once protective, yet are no longer helping them in reaching their goals. I offer to work with clients to understand themselves better and develop self-compassion to heal shameful wounds from past experiences or mistakes. Clients can learn to identify and respond to emotional reactions in a mindful way, and feel more empowered to develop new ways of interacting with the world. I hope to address each of these factors by developing a trusting therapeutic relationship through which clients can safely explore specific dynamics within themselves and in their personal relationships.

I choose to work from a psychodynamic orientation in order to create enduring, long lasting therapeutic effects. While a quick-fix symptom relief strategy can be beneficial, my preference is to foster long term growth. If you choose to work with me, I hope to empower you to:

  • understand how you came to be who you are today through lifelong intra/interpersonal dynamics
  • generate self-compassionate mindset to help you heal
  • ground yourself in personal values to guide your decisions
  • develop healthier relationships
  • reduce overall suffering and allow for increased involvement with learning, creativity, gratitude, and joy.


  • We are in this together - Collaborative Healing
  • One day at a time - Practice Makes Progress (not perfection)
  • Show Curiosity, Kindness, & Compassion towards Yourself and Others
  • Find the Courage to Face your Fears – Avoidance Fuels Anxiety
  • Engage in Self-Care, Self-Forgiveness, & Mindful Awareness
  • Increase Self-Acceptance & a Sense of Belonging
  • Build Trust and Respect - Take Responsibility & Show Accountability
  • Remain Open-Minded - Develop Psychological Flexibility
  • Take Valued Action to Reach Goals – Empowerment
  • Develop Assertive Communication & Authenticity in Relationships
  • Engage your Creative side and become more Adventurous
  • Mistakes are a Wonderful way to Learn - Motivation
  • Show Integrity - Be Open, Honest, Ethical & Genuine
  • Practice Gratitude to Tap Into Joy


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