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Dr. Julie Griffin

Meet Dr. Julie Griffin

Licensed Psychologist

I enjoy working with people who would like to understand themselves in a deeper way, heal wounds that may have been created by past or present relationships, and develop assertive communication to get their needs met more effectively.

Using reflection for growth

Why Try Psychotherapy?

If you are considering going to therapy you are likely recognizing distress in your life, are interested in learning more about yourself, and are ready to invest in a healing process that will last. Your options include seeking medication for short-term symptom relief, addressing the root of the issue in psychotherapy, or a combination of both.

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What I Can Offer You

I would be happy to guide you in an empowered journey towards deeper relationships and improved mental health. If you feel ready to start getting to know yourself better and making more mindful choices about the things that are most important to you, click here to see what kind of therapy can best fit your needs.

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Contact Me

Ideally meeting for psychotherapy happens once per week, at the same time on a selected day, for approximately 45-50 minutes. It is a weekly commitment in order to establish consistent expectations and a reliable schedule for everyone’s convenience. Explore my contact page to find out how you can reserve a spot.

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