Dr. Julie Griffin

Meet Dr. Julie Griffin

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I enjoy working with people who would like to understand themselves in a deeper way, heal wounds that may have been created by past or present relationships, and develop assertive communication to get their needs met more effectively.

When people attend to these tasks they also tend to improve their own mental health and become more satisfied in their relationships. I specialize in helping people improve their relationship with themselves and with others (including romantic partners, children, parents, friends, and colleagues).

Using reflection for growth

Why try a couples intensive?

If you are considering couples therapy, you are likely recognizing distress in your relationship, want to learn more about yourself and/or your partner, and are ready to invest in a long-lasting healing process. Some couples have concerns about the time commitment of traditional weekly appointments because we all have busy lives! I am offering to consolidate the process and provide psychoeducation, training, and time to practice to jump start your relationship on a new path.

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What I Can Offer You

I am offering two-day couples intensives to help you work through the process of differentiation. Not knowing how to effectively define and communicate personal feelings and desires is often what keeps couples stuck in unhealthy patterns, while learning to do so offers tremendous personal and relational growth. This format provides quick and powerful results that you can build on, and reduces the stress of weekly scheduling challenges. Click here to read more about how a couples intensive can help.

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Contact Me

I would be happy to guide you in an empowered journey towards deeper relationships and improved mental health. If you feel ready to start getting to know yourself better and making more mindful choices about the things that are most important to you, visit my contact page to book a consultation to see if an intensive might be a good fit for you.

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