COVID-19 Policies & Practices

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Dynamic Reflections Psychology, PLLC will be following recommended guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease and encourage safety and wellness.

  • All in-person sessions have been suspended at this time.
  • Telehealth therapy appointments are offered to all existing and incoming clients via video or telephone.
  • Late cancellation fees will be temporarily suspended in the event of Covid related illness.
  • If your psychologist becomes ill, you will be notified immediately.

Recommendations for engaging in self-care for physical and mental health:

  • In the event of illness, detection of symptoms, or contact with any individual known to have coronavirus, please contact your healthcare provider for assistance.
  • Regularly wash your hands, especially after touching your face or blowing your nose.
  • Try your best not to touch your face without a tissue, I know this habit is hard to break.
  • Maintain a safe distance from others if you leave your home (6 feet).
  • Engage in physical activity, such as a walk, or follow along with an online workout video.
  • Spend time outside. Connecting with nature helps! Even from your backyard, porch, or open window. Take in the fresh air, listen to the birds and the wind, look at the trees (or snow), etc.
  • Practice focusing on the here-and-now moment. Practice mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing, body scans, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, or observing thoughts without judgment. There are many mobile applications designed to guide you through these practices.
  • Minimize exposure to the news. We all know there is a lot of stressful information being presented constantly. Each time we expose ourselves to this kind of stimulus it triggers our amygdala to be on alert for danger, putting us into our instinctual fight-fight-freeze responses which exacerbate anxiety. Check for updates once (or twice) a day at the most, and spend the rest of your time doing anything else.
  • Continue daily hygiene routines. Bathe/shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, etc.
  • Set a routine to help structure expectations for your day. This can help you set boundaries around work/self-care/family/play time.
  • Practice distance-socializing (along with social distancing). Spend time communicating with friends and family. We are lucky to live in the time of the internet! Video conferencing, phone calls, instant messaging, and email allow us to stay connected to each other and offer emotional support.
  • Spend time with your pets! They are probably so happy to have you around so much. Give them snuggles, play with them, and teach them new tricks. You will benefit as much as they do for this type of interaction.

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